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Sharing Article: “Harnessing Art’s Power to Challenge Social Norms”

This past March, LACIS welcomed graffiti artist and women’s activist, Panmela Castro to Madison. During her visit, she engaged in a series of interactive workshops with youth at Lodi High School and the Goodman Community Center, as well as a live mural painting installation at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse.  We worked together with Eugenia Podesta, Program Director of  Vital Voices Global Partnership, and LACIS BA and MA/JD graduate, on this series of events.  Vital Voices has prepared a fantastic blog entry detailing Panmela’s activities in our area.  Please visit: to learn more.

Additionally, earlier this month, Panmela returned to Madison to complete another live mural installation — this time at Willy Street Coop’s Eastside location.