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Meet Our Fall 2015 Visiting Tinker Professors!

by Bette Benson (LACIS Social Media/Outreach Intern, BA, LACIS, Pol Sci, & Intl Stud ’15)

This fall LACIS will be welcoming Dr. Cristian Bonacic and Professor Gustavo Gordillo de Anda as our Fall 2015 Tinker Professors!

Dr. Cristian Bonacic

Dr. Christian Bonacic is an Associate Professor of Wildlife Conservation at Pointifica Universidad Catolica de Chile in the School of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering. With over 70 publications in his field, it is safe to say that Dr. Bonacic is a leading expert! His studies focus on South American camelids, the taxonomic group that includes vicuñas, and he has more than 30 years of research experience on wild populations. He received his Master of Science from the University of Reading and his Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology from Oxford.

Dr. Bonacic is also the founding director of Fauna Australis Wildlife Laboratory, a leading research group for applied conservation sciences. Founded in 2001, Fauna Australis aims to conduct applied research on the conservation of wild endangered fauna in the southern cone of South America. A multidisciplinary research team including agronomists, biologists, forestry engineers, geographers and veterinarians are addressing research on the current challenges of biodiversity conservation faced with global change. Former and current works contribute to the following main areas: ecology and vulnerability of endangered fauna, sustainable use of wild camelids, distribution and impacts of invasive fauna, productivity and ecology of agroecosystems, resolution of conservation conflicts, and ethnobiology in Aymaras and Mapuche communities.

Read more about Dr. Bonacic and Fauna Asutalis HERE

He was recently interviewed by National Geographic in regards to conservation efforts to save the white rhino from extinction. Check out that article HERE

Teaching in the Department of Environmental Studies, Dr. Bonacic will be teaching Environmental Studies 900 “Wildlife Conservation in Latin America” Wednesdays from 3-6 p.m.


Professor Gustavo Gordilla de Anda


Gustavo Gordillo de Anda is a Mexican practitioner, academician, politician, and policymaker. He is co-founder of La Union Nacional de Organizaciones Regionales Campesinas Autonomas, a network of 75 rural organizations. For 15 years he was a technical advisor to credit unions, agriculture insurance funds and rural housing programs with both cooperatives and municipal governments. As a policymaker, Anda has been Deputy Secretary for Rural Policies and Concentration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and Under-Secretary for the Agrarian Organization and Development in the Ministry of Agrarian Reform. He joined the United Nations’ FAO in 1995 as a director of the rural development division and was later based in Santiago, Chile, where he was assistant director-general and FAO regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2006, he was executive coordinator of the campaign committee for Mexican presidential candidate Patricia Mercado. He holds a Doctorat de troisieme cycle in development economics from the Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes, in Paris. Anda has authored more than 20 books and 80 articles and has previously been a visiting scholar in Political Theory and Policy Analysis since at the University of Indiana.

Check out Gustavo’s blog here!

Gustavo will be teaching LACIS 982, “The Political Economy of the Agrarian Reform Process in Mexico: Between Political Control and Efficiency Gains” Wednesdays from 2:25 to 4:55. He is also scheduled to present a lecture on Thursday, September 10th – keep a look out for more details in the Noticias, the LACIS Twitter Account, and Facebook Account!

Please join us in welcoming both Professor Bonacic and Professor Gordilla de Anda to campus!