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LACIS Spring/Summer 2014 International Internship Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the latest round of recipients of LACIS’ International Internship Grants: Aidee Guzman, Nina Longinovic, Jessica Schwartz, Steven Snyder, and Mary Traudt!

Undergraduate students can receive one-time funds for internships in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula or domestic internships related to the LACIS field of study. The internships can be carried out in public institutions or well established NGOs. Students of any nationality and citizenship are eligible, with preference given to declared LACIS majors.

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Read more about their internship plans below:

Aidee Guzman – Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

Nina Longinovic – Meninas Cartoneras, Spain

torre nina

“The world where you could once hold a book, caress its spine and become enamored by the soft, dusty, fragrance wafting from its pages is slowly vanishing and being replaced by cyber-space. Meninas Cartoneras publishing house both reiterates and teaches the value of the physical book in its workshops, while providing a discursive, literary space for readers and writers alike.”

Jessica Schwartz – Intl Volunteer HW, Costa Rica

Steven Snyder – Colombia Support Network, Madison & Colombia


“As a grassroots organization, The Colombia Support Network strives to advance the quality of life and democracy in a diplomatic manner while developing greater relations between Colombia and the United States within the public arena. As a senior triple majoring in Spanish, Political Science, and LACIS, along with a Global Cultures Certificate, my deepest interests are woven through the goals of this organization. This opportunity will offer unique experiences for both learning and real world practice in International Relations.”

Mary Traudt – Ubelong, Ecuador

mary traudt

“This summer, I chose to volunteer with the international volunteer organization UBELONG.  With this program, I was able to make a commitment starting any time for any number of weeks, which made it very easy to both volunteer abroad and work at home this summer. I also chose the program, because it allows me to work outside in the Amazon. How many people get to spend a month in the Amazon? I did not want to miss this unique opportunity. Finally, I chose UBELONG because their projects are running continually and volunteers like me are coming in all the time. I like that we as a team are not just coming in for a short amount of time and then leaving, but instead these projects are running year round. The flexibility, location, and focus on sustainable projects have me extremely excited to be spending some of my summer volunteering in the Ecuadorian Amazon this summer!”

LACIS wishes our 5 grant recipients the best of luck with their upcoming internships! Felicidades and parabéns, once again!