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LACIS Announces Spring/Summer 2015 Internship Grant Awards

by Bette Benson (LACIS Social Media/Outreach Intern, BA, LACIS, Pol Sci, & Intl Stud ’15)

Every year LACIS distributes grant money to qualified undergraduate students from any major or discipline in order to help those students complete an internship or volunteer program in Latin America, the Caribbean, or Iberian Peninsula. Domestic programs are eligible if the work is related to the LACIS field of study. Six students have been selected for the Summer and Fall of 2015 – Rebecca Gilbert, Keenan Lampe, Marin Oschmann, Sarah Radewahn, Nate Sullivan, and Erin Wright. I spoke to them to learn a little more about what they’re planning on doing abroad!

Rebecca Gilbert
Rebecca Gilbert

Rebecca is from Morton Grove, Illinois and will be graduating in December of 2015 with a double major in Marketing and International Business and a double certificate in Spanish and Leadership. She has already begun her 8 weeks in Ecuador working with WI Without Borders on a microenterprise project. More specifically, Rebecca will be utilizing all of her academic disciplines by working with two groups of women; a group of women that make soap, and a group of women that make jewelry. With both groups, Rebecca will help the women to develop a business plan, and to better understand operations and quality control.

Keenan Lampe

Keenan is a rising senior from Oak Creek, WI triple majoring in Art, Japanese and Spanish. He will also be in Ecuador working with WI Without Borders & La Ceiba Foundation. The LACIS grant will be used to help fund his two-month internship in Ecuador working with craftswoman in Camarones, Tabuga and La Calera to develop their products for local and international markets.

Marin Oschmann

Marin is a rising senior double majoring in LACIS and Conservation Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies from Oregon, Wisconsin. Her grant money will go towards her internship at Sumak Allpa in Ecuador. She will be working on an island in the Napo River of the Ecuadorian Amazon that is dedicated to monkey rehabilitation, research, conservation, and educational outreach. Marin is thankful for the Spanish culture and language courses she has taken as part of the LACIS major for preparing her to be able to effectively communicate with Ecuadorians.

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Sarah Radewahn

Sarah just graduated this May having double majored in Spanish and LACIS with a certificate in Global Cultures. She is from Milwaukee, WI. This summer Sarah will be traveling to Vigo, Spain for three months where she will be working with the directors of Astromántica Cartoneira, where she will be designing, editing, and publishing hand-made, cardboard-bound books. Sarah credits LACIS for preparing her for this specific opportunity, “Through the course load and the wonderful professors I have met, I discovered my passion and love of Iberian, Caribbean and Latin American cultures and their languages. Through my connections with many talented professors I was encouraged to apply for my specific internship and they went above and beyond to mentor me through the process. They also challenged me to continue pursuing my passions for the Spanish culture and language which will help me down the road as a start a career in Spanish translation and publishing.”

Nate Sullivan

Nate is from St Paul and is double majoring in Economics and Spanish. He will be traveling to Goya, Argentina to work with the economic development agency AGENPRO. More specifically, he will be implementing a geographic information system.

Erin Wright

Erin is from Houston, Texas and is triple majoring in Economics, International Studies, and LACIS and a certificate in Math. Erin is currently in Santiago, Chile interning with BusinessHub Consultants. The LACIS grant will help Erin cover basic living costs, making it possible for her to be in Chile! Erin is grateful for all the support she has received form LACIS, she went to Cuba earlier this year with a LACIS grant, and states LACIS as her favorite major (I agree, Erin!).

These are all such amazing opportunities, and everyone here at LACIS is excited to hear about what you’ve learned from your experience when we see you back in Madison! If you’re interested in applying for a LACIS Internship Grant, check out the application details HERE.