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LACIS Core Faculty Member Published!

by Bette Benson (LACIS Social Media/Outreach Intern, BA, Pol Sci, Intl Stud & LACIS ’15)


LACIS core faculty member Noam Lupu, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Trice Faculty Scholar, co-authored a paper with Nicholas Carnes of Duke University that was published in the American Journal 0f Political Science in January. This paper on class and representation in Latin America is entitled: “Rethinking the Comparative Perspective on Class and Representation: Evidence from Latin America” which questions the commonly held belief that it does not matter that “working-class citizens are numerically underrepresented in political offices throughout the world” because  “lawmakers from different classes think and behave roughly the same in office.” Using data on 18 Latin American legislatures, Noam and Nicholas show that lawmakers from different classes bring different economic attitudes to the legislative process. They conclude that, “The unequal numerical or descriptive representation of social classes in the world’s legislatures has important consequences for the substantive representation of different class interests.”

Read the full article HERE

Congratulations on your publication, Noam!