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LACIS Core Faculty Member named Hilldale Award winner


by Bette Benson (LACIS Social Media/Outreach Intern, BA, LACIS, Pol Sci, & Intl Stud ’15)

LACIS Core Faculty Member, Jane Collins, Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology and Gender and Women’s Studies, has been chosen for the prestigious Hilldale Award!  This award recognizes scholarly contributions in teaching, research and service and comes with a $7,500 prize. Professor Collins and the three other UW recipients (Rachel Feldhay Brenner, James Skinner, and Daniel Gianola) will be honored on the April 6th meeting of the Faculty Senate. Read more about all the recipients HERE

From the UW Announcement:

Jane Collins is a gifted and creative thinker, and an innovative, highly productive, internationally recognized scholar,” wrote community and environmental sociology Chair Jess Gilbert and gender and women’s studies Chair Judith Houck in their joint nomination letter.

Throughout her career — which includes more than two decades at UW-Madison — the economic and cultural sociologist has made substantial contributions to our understanding of labor processes and globalization, labor and global commodity chains, shifting frameworks for assessing economic value, and global cultural studies, focusing primarily on women’s work. It’s taken her from arid agricultural fields in Brazil to coffee farms on the eastern slopes of the Andes to apparel factories in Mexico and the U.S. and to neighborhoods in Milwaukee and Racine.

Collins offers a popular graduate seminar that has inspired more than two dozen dissertations. She has mentored 22 graduate students and served on more than 100 thesis committees across 20 university departments. In addition, Collins has served on innumerable university and professional committees.


What a deserving recipient! Congratulations, Jane!