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Jackson Foote conducts field research in central Chile, publishes article

Jackson Foote is a Ph.D. student in mass communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He studies the relationship between social movements and the media in the Americas.

Jackson Foote recently returned from a month of field work in central Chile where he interviewed and observed student activists who have pushed education reform onto the national agenda about their use of media, journalism and social media alike.  He is interested in whether social movements like the Chilean student movement use online social networks to create alternate spaces for discussion about society and politics.  He wrote an article for the popular media in late August about the generation rift: older generations who helped to end the 17-year brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and the young students who are increasingly disappointed with Chilean politics and the media that cover it.

Here is the link for his article on the website In These Times

Congratulations on your publication, Jackson!

Chilean security forces employing water canons to disperse demonstrators.

“Privado, pero no callados” = “Private but not silent,” written on a Chilean flag in reference to the privatization of schools.

A confrontation between civil journalists and Chilean security forces.

Photo credit: Jackson Foote