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2013 LACIS Internship Grant Recipients

LACIS would like to dedicate this blog post to recognizing the recipients of the LACIS Internship Grants for the summer of 2013. Undergraduate students can receive one-time funds for internships in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula or domestic internships related to the LACIS field of study. The internships can be carried out in public institutions or well established NGOs. Students of any nationality and citizenship are eligible, with preference given to declared LACIS majors. Congratulations to grant recipients Lauren Danen, Saumya Deva, Jessica Diaz-Hurtado, Gabrielle Korb, Frankie Lynn Larson, and Madison Snider! We wish you all the best of luck with your internships this summer. Read on for a brief description of each recipient’s internship:

Lauren Danen, Latin American Studies Association’s International Congresslauren Danen 1

LACIS undergraduate student Lauren Danen attended the Latin American Studies Association’s International Congress in Washington, D.C. at the end of May 2013. Through her attendance of the conference, Lauren expanded upon her knowledge of Latin America, which will serve her not only in her continuing studies but will also prepare her for her upcoming internship. Also in D.C. beginning in the fall of 2013, Lauren will be interning at the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs—the sector of the U.S. Department of State charged with promoting U.S. interest in the region—through UW-Madison’s Washington, D.C. Semester in International Affairs Program. Lauren has been assigned to work in the Office of the Assistant Secretary.

Saumya Deva, Vital Voices, ArgentinaSD


LACIS undergraduate student Saumya Deva is currently studying abroad for a second semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been interning for Vital Voices, Argentina, a non-governmental women’s rights organization. Saumya will conduct research on Argentina’s female political quota system and current violence against women laws that will ultimately assist the organization’s advocacy initiatives. After collecting her data, she will return to UW-Madison and, in partnership with her supervising professor, Aili Tripp of the Department of Political Science, she will conclude her data analysis and will share her findings in both Spanish and English.

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado, Ayuda

528816_10151666009044046_2021419272_n (1)

Recent LACIS graduate Jessica Diaz-Hurtado will spend the summer interning at Ayuda in Washington, D.C. Ayuda‘s mission, as per its website, “is to protect the rights of low-income immigrants in the DC metropolitan area. We are the region’s leading provider of multilingual legal and social services for low-income immigrants in the areas of immigration, human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault.” Jessica, the daughter of immigrant parents, grew up in the D.C. area,  factors that she recognizes will give her an added level of cultural competency in fulfilling her internship duties. Jessica will be mainly working on researching sources of funding and drafting proposals, reports and letters of inquiry.

Gabrielle Korb, Aprendo Contigo


Commencing in early May, LACIS undergraduate student Gabrielle “Brie” Korb will be volunteering for Aprendo Contigo in Lima, Peru. This organization provides educational services to inpatient children five days a week, replacing more traditional schooling for the duration of their time spent in hospital which would otherwise be unfeasible. Brie will serve as a teacher’s aid under the supervision of an academic advisor, working with small groups of students and on a one-on-one basis, covering topics such as logic, mathematics, science, ecology, and handicraft projects. Beyond her academic responsibilities, Brie hopes to put her “beside manner” to good use and develop meaningful relationships with her students and provide them with the support they need.

Frankie Lynn Larson, Amistad Missions

Frankie Larson

Frankie Lynn Larson, a Spanish major with a certificate in Global Cultures, will spend her summer working for the Catholic organization Amistad Missions in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This organization runs an orphanage that is home to over 70 children and live-in staff. Frankie will be responsible for developing the Prayer Friends Program by conducting and translating interviews with children, mamás, and tías, in order to better inform families in the United States of the needs of the children in Cochabamba. Frankie will also be teaching English as a second language and dance classes.

Madison Snider, Social Entrepreneurs Corps

madison snider

Madison Snider—a Spanish and Anthropology major—has been accepted to the Global Engagement Studies Institute through Northwestern University. This student-founded institute was established in 2005 to encourage university students to partake in effective international development projects. Madison will be spending 8 weeks working in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with the NGO Social Entrepreneurs Corps. This organization provides microfinancing—the distribution of small loans with a reduced interest rate—to entrepreneurs as well as access to key technologies (water purification buckets, reading glasses, solar lamps etc.). Her role will be to act as a consultant between clients and the organization’s administration. Madison affirms that this internship “will be an important aspect in realizing [her] career goals to work in the field of sustainable development.”

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Once again, we offer our congratulations to our six grant recipients! Enjoy your exciting and stimulating summer plans!